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Tai Chi Chuan Step-by-Step Instructions (2/8)

In simplified Yang-Style Tai Chi Chuan, it is composed of 24 forms. See below articles for the details:
  1. Yang-Style Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms
  2. Tai Chi Chuan—Directional Instructions 
  3. Tai Chi Tips 

Clock-Facing Position

Whatever position you take at the start of the form (or whatever direction the center of your chest
and navel face) consider that starting position to be facing the 12 o'clock position.[2] In this article, all our demonstrations use this viewing direction (or back view as you would follow a master in a lesson).

When the center of your chest and navel face the 12 o'clock position, your right side faces 3 o'clock, your back side faces 6 o'clock, and your left side faces 9 o'clock.

2 of 8

The best way to learn simplified 24 forms is to learn the whole session in 8 parts.  In the above diagram, we show you 2/8 which includes:
  1. Brush Knee Push Step (Zuoyou Lōuxī Àobù, 左右搂膝拗步), Brush Knee and Twist Step, LEFT and RIGHT
    • 9 o'clock
  2. Right Hand Strums Lute (Shǒuhūi Pípā, 手挥琵琶), Strum the Lute, Play Guitar
    • 9 o'clock
  3. Repulse Monkey (Zuoyou Dào juǎn gōng, 左右倒卷肱), Step Back and Drive Monkey Away, LEFT and RIGHT
    • face 9 o'clock, but move backwards

Below you can find the matching video(s) of 2/8 taught by master 李德印 and demonstrated by 邱慧芳. in Chinese.

  1. 左右搂膝拗步
  2. 手挥琵琶
  3. 左右倒卷肱
taichi 24 forms part 2 ataichi 24 forms part 2 b


  1. Yang-Style Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms
  2. Tai Chi Chuan—Directional Instructions  (Travel and Health)
  3. Tai Chi Tips (Travel and Health)

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