Monday, January 15, 2018

Health—Know Your Numbers

I have been a vegetarian since 2006.  As the chart shown below, my lipid panel has improved after my diet changes:

Based on my family physician's records, the following two problems were reported to me:
Without doubt, I had metabolic syndrome in the period of 2004-2006.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is related to insulin resistance.  It also reflects other health findings that accompany serious insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed by any three of the following:
  • Increased waist circumference
    • ≥  35 inches in women
    • ≥  40 inches in men
  • Fasting blood sugar 
    • ≥  100 mg/dL
  • Blood pressure 
    • ≥  130/85
  • Low HDL
    • < 50 mg/dL for women 
    • < 40 mg/dL for men
  • High triglycerides
    • > 150 mg/dL

2017 Physical Exam Report 

The chart shown above stopped at 2008.  So, how am I doing from then to now?  Yes, I still remain as healthy as before.  See below report for yourself.

How Can You Achieve It?

In a Scope article published by Stanford Medicine:[1]
On the road to diabetes: How to halt disease progression and turn back to health

It has offered you some good advice.  But, as Dr. Michael Greger has been advocating, just switch to plant-based diets.  As for me, I have documented my personal journey from 2007 to now in many health-related articles published on below web sites:
Finally, as I humbly said on my web site:
The American travel writer Paul Theroux once wrote: "Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going." 
Healthy pursuits are like traveling. We know there is a wonderland called wellness. But, there are no fixed routes to reach there. The pursuits need effort and determination. We cannot act like tourists who don't know where they've been. We must take notes of warning signs sent by our bodies.  
On the journey to wellness, there are many dangers to be avoided; there are many footsteps to be taken; unfortunately, there are no short-cuts. 
Travelers walking in the night follow North Star. Healthy pursuits work similarly. We know our goal; we know the signposts; we know the dangers on the road; we can adjust pace if we are tired; we can change travel plans due to the weather. But, We walk steadily and persistently. With my companionship, hopefully, your journey will be made easier. 
May all be fed. May all be healed. May all be loved.[2]

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