Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grand Challenges―Some of the Greatest Obstacles Facing Cancer Research Today (06/22/2017)

Cancer Research UK on 06/22/2017 has launched the second phase of its global Grand Challenge by announcing eight new questions – identified as some of the biggest barriers to making progress against cancer – and inviting the world’s top scientists to come together with new proposals to tackle them.

  1. Devise approaches to prevent or treat cancer based on mechanisms that determine tissue specificity of some cancer genes
  2. Create novel tumour vaccinology approaches that establish or enhance successful immune responses beyond what is revealed by current checkpoint therapy
  3. Define mechanistic rules for combinatorial treatments to overcome resistance and avoid toxicity
  4. Distinguish between lethal cancers which need treating, and non-lethal cancers that don’t
  5. Identify and target tumour cells that remain dormant for many years after seemingly effective treatment
  6. Detect cancer earlier by interrogating medical and non-medical data sets using machine and deep-learning
  7. Improve treatment responses by manipulating the composition and status of the microbiota
  8. Determine the mechanisms that cause cancer without known mutagenesis, such as obesity, in order to devise novel interventions

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